J. Devillers

Predicting the toxicity of Chemicals to Luminescent Bacteria.

CTIS, 3 Chemin de la Graviere, 69140 Rillieux la Pape, France. E-mail: jde-ctis@imaginet.fr

For economic and ethical reasons, numerous tests have been developed and proposed as potential alternatives for some of the whole animal toxicity assays. Among them, the Microtox test has been widely used to estimate the toxicity of agricultural, pharmaceutical, and industrial chemicals producing a large amount of valuable toxicity results. Under these conditions, from a critical analysis of the literature [1, 2], 3200 toxicity results were used for deriving a general QSAR model for the Microtox test. The molecules were described by means of the autocorrelation method and a backpropagation neural network [3] was employed as statistical tool.

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[2] Devillers, J. (1997). Ecotoxicity of Chemicals to Vibrio fischeri. CTIS, Lyon, p. 174.

[3] Devillers, J. (1996). Neural Networks in QSAR and Drug Design. Academic Press, London, p. 284.

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