K.L.E. Kaiser1, Stefan P. Niculescu2, Kathleen M. Gough3

Neural network modeling of Vibrio fischeri and fathead minnow acute toxicity data with molecular indicator variables and physico-chemical bulk parameters.

1National Water Research Institute, Burlington, ON, L7R 4A6, Canada, E-mail: klaus.kaiser@cciw.ca;
2 TerraBase Inc., Burlington, ON, L7N 3L5, Canada, E-mail: stenic@globalserve.net
3University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MAN, R3T 2N2, Canada, E-mail: kmgough@ms.umanitoba.ca

We have investigated the predictability of non-congeneric acute toxicity data for fathead minnow (over 400 compounds) and Vibrio fischeri bacteria (over 1200 chemicals) using single linear [1], multiple linear [1], principal component analysis [2], feed forward backpropagation [3] and probabilistic [4] neural networks, using different data pre-processing and kernel choices [4]. As independent parameters served approximately 50 simple structural indicator variables for specific functional groups and molecular moieties and the exploded molecular formula. The presence of a measured physico-chemical bulk parameter (e.g. octanol/water partition coefficient, aqueous solubility) provides improved models as determined by the mean squared errors [5].

The resulting probabilistic neural network models of non-congeneric data are far superior to traditional types of structure-activity relationships and encourage further investigations with other fragment and computed molecular parameters.


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