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Date: Sat Oct 22 01:45:46 2005
Subject: 05.12.07 Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry, Nanophotonics, Helsinki, Finland
Winter School in Theoretical Chemistry, "Nanophotonics"

It is soon time again for the annual Winter School in Theoretical
Chemistry, traditionally held at the University of Helsinki, Finland, this
year between December 7 and 9.

The School is free of charge, but participants are asked to kindly
register by November 15th!

For full information, see the home page of the School:

Topic: Nanophotonics

Filipp Furche, "Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory: Gradients and
                Franck-Condon Shifts"

Christof Httig, "The CC2 Method: Parallel Implementation and Applications
                  on Nanomolecules"

Markku Leskel, "The Atomic Layer Deposition Method: Thin Films and Other
                 Nanostructured Materials"

Jeppe Olsen, "CC and CI methods for Electron-Hole Systems: Applications on
              Semiconductor Quantum Dots"

Sergei Tretiak, "Electronic excitations and photodynamics in conjugated
                 polymers and carbon nanotubes"
                "Adiabatic and nonadiabatic excited state dynamics in
                 molecular aggregates"
                "Nonlinear optical response of organic electronic
                "Electronic structure and interactions in colloidal
                 quantum dots and their assemblies"

Artur Zrenner, "Optical Spectroscopy of Single Quantum-Dot System"

Have a nice day,
    Mikael Johansson
    University of Helsinki
    Department of Chemistry
    Phone: +358-9-191 50181
    FAX  : +358-9-191 50169
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