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Date: Sat Oct 22 02:12:21 2005
Subject: 06.03.26 ACS Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift Award Competition, Drug Discovery, Altanta, GA
New Award Symposium
The COMP Division of ACS is pleased to announce a new award symposium -- 
the "Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift Award Competition" -- sponsored by
OpenEye Scientific Software.  This symposium will take place at the 
Spring 2006 National Meeting in Atlanta and will focus on talks relevant 
to drug discovery.  Abstracts can be submitted on the OASYS web site 
( and four will be selected for 40 minute presentations to 
take place during a half-day symposium at the national meeting.  Abstracts
not selected for the symposium competition can be moved into the General
Oral Drug Discovery symposium (which is always well attended!) if

Criteria and Prize
A panel of judges will select the winning presentation with the speaker
awarded a $1000 prize.  Talks will be judged on the novelty of viewpoint,
the cogency of argument and the potential impact if the speaker's
paradigm were to become widely accepted.

About Thomas Kuhn
In the 1940's, while still a graduate student, Thomas Kuhn wrote
a monograph on the nature of scientific revolution that was to become
the most influential document on the nature of science of the Twentieth
Century.  Published in 1962 as 'The Structure of Scientific Revolutions',
Kuhn described what he saw as the "essential tension" between established
ideas, or paradigms, and the new; scientific progress arose by conflict
and not consensus. The "Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift Award" is designed as
an opportunity for speakers to present views at odds with perceived 
wisdom, with particular emphasis on application to the science of drug
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