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Date: Sat Oct 22 17:59:19 2005
Subject: 06.03.26 Frontiers in Chemical Biology: Single Molecules, Cambridge , United Kingdom
Frontiers in Chemical Biology: Single Molecules

University of Cambridge , Cambridge , United Kingdom
26 March 2006 - 29 March 2006


Run by the RSCs Chemical Biology Forum, this three-day meeting will 
feature all types of single-molecule experiment, and will include both 
techniques innovation and the application to important problems in 

Single-molecule experiments of various kinds are having a revolutionary 
effect in many of areas of biology. These include new ways to localise 
and observe functioning molecular complexes, and spectroscopic 
observations giving distance information on single molecules. These 
experiments can reveal structural transitions that cannot be 
synchronised, and are therefore very difficult to study by ensemble 
methods. Intermediates can be observed, and temporally correlated. 
A new area of single-molecule enzymology is emerging using these 
approaches. Other kinds of single-molecule experiments involve the 
application of forces to individual molecules, including stretching 
(optical traps, AFM, flow) and twisting (magnetic traps). Proteins and 
nucleic acids can be pulled apart in a carefully controlled manner giving 
the order and energetics of these processes. Torsional forces can be 
mechanically introduced into single DNA molecules, and the action of 
single enzymes on these substrates studied.



 Molecular Motors
 Fluorescence spectroscopy
 Stretching force
 Single-molecule enzymology
 Optical traps
 Nucleic acids and proteins
 Twisting/magnetic traps
 Scanning probe techniques
 Structural transitions
 Order and energetics
 Applications of single-molecule techniques


Organising Committee

David Lilley
University of Dundee, UK

Shankar Balasubramanian
University of Cambridge, UK

Taekjip Ha
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA



The Institute of Physics are co-sponsors of 'Frontiers in Chemical 
Biology: Single Molecules'. IOP members are entitled to register at RSC 
Member rate to attend the conference.



We are grateful for the sponsorship support of the following 
organisations towards the running of the conference:

Cancer Research UK
ISS, Inc.
Solexa Ltd
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