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Date: Sat Oct 22 19:13:45 2005
Subject: 06.05.07 EUPOC2006, Branched macromolecular structures, Gargnano, Italy
EUPOC2006, Branched Macromolecular Structures

07 May 2006, Palazzo Feltrinelli , Gargnano , Italy

The meeting will be organized in four days (each of them with two
chairpersons) along two main themes. Each theme will also feature 
a number of  keynote lectures for providing a broade overview of fields 
where branched/ hyperbranched/dendritic polymers possibly play an 
important role.


Controlled synthesis & Physical properties

Life science interface & Release applications


H. Frey (Mainz, D)
S. Rannard (Unilever, UK)
W. Burchard (Freiburg, D)
C. Plummer (EPFL, CH)
N. Tirelli (Manch., UK)
P. Seeberger (ETH, CH)
A. Florence (London, UK)
F. Veronese (Padua, I)

Keynote lectures

K. Matyjaszewski (Carnegie M., US)
E. Malmstrm (KTH, SE)
A. Mller (Bayreuth, D)
N. Spencer (ETH, CH)
M. Moeller (Aachen, D)
S. Shaunak (Imper. C., UK)
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