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Date: Sun Oct 23 00:55:29 2005
Subject: 06.06.02 Vibrational Spectroscopy, Gordon Research Conference
Vibrational Spectroscopy

Probing Structure and Dynamics

July 2-7, 2006
University of New England
Biddeford, ME

Chair: F. Fleming Crim
Vice Chairs: Tianquan Lian & Philip J Reid 

The conference focuses on using vibrational spectroscopy to probe 
structure and dynamics of molecules in gases, liquids, and interfaces. 
Our goal is to bring together a collection of researchers who share 
common interests and who will gain from discussing work at the forefront
of several connected areas. The intent is to emphasize the insights and 
understanding that studies of vibrations provide about a variety of 
systems. This approach produces many related themes in the conference 
and will foster lively discussion and extensive interaction.

The topics for the sessions are:

    * Vibrational Dynamics in Water
    * Vibrations of Hydrogen Bonded Systems
    * Vibrations at Interfaces
    * Intramolecular Vibrational Dynamics
    * Vibrationally Driven Reactions
    * Vibrations as Probes of Biomolecules
    * Vibrations of Molecules in the Environment
    * Vibrations of Confined Molecules

The following is a partial list of speakers for the Conference:

    * Huib Bakker (FOM Amsterdam)
    * Dana Dlott (Illinois)
    * Taka Ebata (Hiroshima)
    * Franz Geiger (Northwestern)
    * Martin Grubele (Illinois)
    * Peter Hamm (Zurich)
    * Sharon Hammes-Schiffer (Penn State)
    * Casey Hynes (Colorado, Paris)
    * Mark Johnson (Yale)
    * Steve Leone (Berkeley)
    * Nancy Levinger (Colorado State)
    * Martin Quack (ETH Zurich)
    * Mary Jane Shultz (Tufts)
    * James Skinner (Wisconsin)
    * Veronica Vaida (Colorado)
    * Martin Zanni (Wisconsin)
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