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Date: Sun Oct 23 01:00:39 2005
Subject: 06.06.11 11th Int Conf Theoretical Aspects of Catalysis, Schmoeckwitz/Berlin Germany
11th Int Conf Theoretical Aspects of Catalysis,
Schmoeckwitz/Berlin Germany
June 11-14, 2006

We are pleased to announce the 11th International Conference on Theoretical 
Aspects of Catalysis (ICTAC-11). This conference continues a worldwide 
series of meetings which are held biennially and address recent theoretical 
developments and applications of theoretical methods to problems of 
catalytic relevance with special focus on heterogeneous catalysis. While 
the subject attracts mostly researchers with theoretical background 
emphasis is also put on the interaction between theory and experiment. 
Therefore, a few invited lectures given by selected high-caliber 
experimentalists are always included in the program. The previous ICTAC 
meetings had 50 -100 participants where a fair number of students and 
postdocs complement the group of senior researchers. Therefore, invited 
lectures were selected - apart from a high-level scientific qualification 
- also by the didactic abilities of the lecturers.

The ICTAC-11 meeting will be organized jointly by Prof. Dr. Klaus Hermann 
(Theory Department, Fritz-Haber-Institut, Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Joachim 
Sauer (Quantum Chemistry Group, Humboldt University, Berlin) and will 
take place at the Teikyo University, German campus, in Schmoeckwitz near 
Berlin (Germany) on June 11-14, 2006. The meeting plans are based at 
present on 80 -100 participants and about 20 invited and keynote, 15 
contributed talks, and three poster sessions with 30 - 40 posters each. 
The conference fee, including accomodation and full board, will be about 
EUR 300 - 400. Details will be given later.

Klaus Hermann 		Joachim Sauer
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