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Subject: 06.02.06 Computers in Scientific Discovery III, University og Ghent, Belgium
Computers in Scientific Discovery III

Monday February 6, 2006 to Thursday February 9, 2006

Ghent University

Ghent, Belgium

Computers are used in increasingly diverse ways in Mathematics and 
the Physical and Life Sciences. This workshop aims to bring together 
researchers in Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry and Biology to 
explore the links between their disciplines and to encourage new 

The main themes are Mathematics and Computer Science in

    * Applications for Chemistry
    * Applications for Bioinformatics
    * Applications for Conjecture Making
    * Applications for Mathematical Education 

With these aims in mind, the workshop will combine formal lectures, 
short talks, parallel moderated discussion sessions and of course 
ample time for informal discussions.

Prof. Gunnar Brinkmann

Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Ghent University, Belgium
E-mail: Gunnar.Brinkmann*

Prof. Patrick W. Fowler

Department of Chemistry
University of Sheffield, UK
E-mail: P.W.Fowler*

Organising Committee:
Prof. Arnout Ceulemans, Prof. Mel Janowitz, Prof. Martine Labb, Hadrien 

Local Organising Committee:
Prof. Kris Coolsaet, Prof. Veerle Fack, Adriaan Peeters
Ghent University
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