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Date: Sun Oct 23 12:03:39 2005
Subject: 06.03.26 ACS COMP Division, Atlanta, GA
ACS COMP Division Call for Papers -- Spring National Meeting in Atlanta

The Spring 2006 ACS national meeting will take place March 26-30, 2006 
in Atlanta, GA.  The web site is open for abstract
submission for the following COMP Division symposia.  
Deadline for abstract submission in COMP is November 15.

   CCG Student Excellence Awards

   Frontier Applications and Developments of Density Functional Theory:
         A Symposium in Honor of Robert G. Parr's 85th Birthday

   G-Protein Coupled Receptor Structure, Modeling, and Ligand Design

   General Oral -- Drug Discovery

   General Oral -- Molecular Mechanics and Simulation

   General Oral -- Quantum Chemistry

   Poster Session

   Protein Kinases:  Computer Modeling and Experiment

   Structure Determination Using NMR and Computational Methods

   Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift Award Competition

   Virtual Screening Using Structure-Based and Ligand-Based Methods for
          Lead Identification

Submit abstracts to:
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