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Subject: 06.09.24 Gordon Conference - Computational Aspects - Biomolecular NMR, Aussois, France
Computational Aspects - Biomolecular NMR

September 24-29, 2006
Aussois, France

Chair: Martin Blackledge
Vice Chair: Raphael P Bruschweiler

The Gordon Research Conference on Computational Aspects of Biomolecular 
NMR provides a unique forum for presentation of state-of-the-art research 
enabling the development of new and better methods for application of NMR 
to more complex and challenging biomolecular systems.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy is one of the most powerful 
biophysical techniques for studying biomolecules. Progress in the 
development of faster and more accurate tools, and of novel approaches to 
probe hitherto inaccessible aspects of biomolecular behaviour, has 
regularly resulted directly from advances in computational methodology. 
This applies to the use of quantum-chemical approaches to calculate NMR 
chemical shifts and scalar couplings, to the design and implementation 
of acquisition and processing schemes for multidimensional data, to novel 
approaches for accelerated and automated structure determination, and 
to computational approaches to the interpretation of spin relaxation and 
dipolar couplings. Computation thus represents a major driving force 
enabling NMR to advance, and continually enhance our ability to understand 
specific aspects of biomolecular function. The conference will focus on 
the most recent developments in the field, with sessions and discussions 
devoted to some of the most exciting and topical aspects of biomolecular 
NMR, animated by world leaders in the respective sub-fields.

While the conference is centred on computational aspects of biomolecular 
NMR spectroscopy and their relationship to experimental NMR data, the 
scientific applications and investigations are at the intersection 
between many disciplines, including biology, chemistry, bioinformatics, 
and physics. The conference thus provides an ideal platform for an 
interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

The assembly of such a prominent speaker list along with the small format 
of the conference will provide unique opportunities for graduate students 
and postdocs for discussions of their research with leaders in the field. 
Extensive poster sessions will be held to facilitate this process. 
Moreover, we have reserved 12 20 minute slots for posters that will be 
upgraded to oral presentations with the idea to give many young 
scientists an opportunity to present their work to this audience. 
Thus, the educational opportunities at this meeting will unique and 
we hope that many young scientists will take advantage. Financial 
support will be provided for young scientists to this Gordon Research 
Conference who will make oral presentations. As usual for Gordon 
Research Conferences places are limited and delegates are encouraged 
to apply to attend the conference as early as possible.


    * Perspectives on NMR in Structural Biology
      (James Prestegard / Hartmut Oschkinat)

    * Data Acquisition and Spectral Processing
      (Bernhard Brutscher / Eriks Kupce / Dominique Marion)

    * Interpreting Chemical Shifts for Protein Structure and Dynamics
      (David Case)

    * Solid State NMR of Proteins
      (Anja Bckmann / Rob Tycko / Lyndon Emsley/ Ann McDermott)

    * Emerging Methods for Protein Structure Determination
      (Michael Nilges / Michele Vendruscolo / G. Marius Clore / 
      Markus Zweckstetter / Miguel Llinas)

    * NMR Studies of Kinetics, Dynamics and Interactions in Larger and 
      more Complex Systems  (Carol Beth Post / Lewis Kay / Kathleen Hall)

    * NMR of Partially Folded and Unfolded Proteins
      (Harald Schwalbe / Alan Fersht / Peter Wright / Tobin Sosnick / 
      Stephan Grzesiek)
    * Domain dynamics by NMR
      (Rafael Brschweiler / Claudio Luchinat / Nico Tjandra / 
      David Fushman ) 

    * Dynamic modes in proteins
      (Martin Blackledge / Geoffrey Bodenhausen / Arthur Palmer / 
      Christian Griesinger / Dorothee Kern)

    * Macromolecular complexes using NMR and complementary techniques
      (Alexandre Bonvin / Dmitri Svergun )

    * Alignment and anisotropy
      (Ad Bax)

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