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Date: Wed Jan 18 10:30:30 2006
Subject: 06.05.29 Workshop "Chemoinformatics in Europe: Research and Teaching"
The Workshop
"Chemoinformatics in Europe: Research and Teaching " 
will be held in Obernai (near Strasbourg), France, 29 May - 1 June 2006

The program of the workshop includes 4 half-day scientific sessions, a
poster session and a general discussion at the end of the workshop.
The following main topics are selected for the scientific sessions:

1. Encoding chemical structures (safe exchange of information, descriptors,
fingerprints, pharmacophores).
2. Databases and data sources.
3. Property predictions (ADME, environmental related applications).
4. "In silico" design of new compounds (virtual combinatorial libraries,
similarity search).
5. Drug design: Linking chemo- and bio-informatics.
6.Teaching: chemoinformatics in graduate and undergraduate curricula.

Round Table devoted to further development of the European network on
chemoinformatics will be organised at the end of the afternoon session on 31
May. The questions related to organisation of regular workshops and summer
schools in this field will be discussed.

The Scientific Advisory Board includes E. Aki-Sener (Turkey), L. Buydens
(the Netherlands), F. S. Jorgensen (Denmark), T. Langer (Austria), B. Fan
(France), J. Gasteiger (Germany), R. Glen (UK), A. Goldblum    (Israel),  M.
Karelson (Estonia), L. Patiny (Switzerland), V. Poroikov (Russia), D. Rognan
(France), J. Sadowski (Astra Zeneca), F. Sanz (Spain), J. Aires de Sousa
(Portugal), C. Steinbeck (Germany), R. Todeschini (Italy), A. Varnek
(France) and P. Willett (UK).

The plenary lectures will be delivered by J. Gasteiger (Univ. of Erlangen,
Germany), P. Willett (Univ. of Sheffield, UK), G. Cruciani (Univ. of
Perugia, Italy), R. Glen (UCMSI, Cambridge, UK) and G. Schneider (Univ. of
Frankfurt, Germany).

Detailed information and the registration form are available at

A collection of papers from this meeting is supposed to be published in the
special issue of the journal "Molecular Diversity".

Please note: the number of places in the vilage of vacation "Les Graniums"
in Obernai is very limited. A "first come, first serve" policy will be
applied, so be sure to submit your application form as soon as possible. The
deadline for the registration is April 1.
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