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Date: Sat Apr 8 09:49:16 2006
Subject: 06.10.27 International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering, Chania, Greece

Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):
1) Computational Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Computational Physics,

Theoretical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Mathematical Chemistry,

2) Computational Engineering, Computational Mechanics,

3) Computational Biology and Medicine,

4) Computational Geosciences and Meteorology,

5) Computational Economics and Finance,

6) Financial Forecasting,

7) Scientific Computation,

8) High Performance Computing,

9) Parallel and Distributed Computing,

10) Visualization,

11) Problem Solving Environments,

12) Software Tools,

13) Advanced Numerical Algorithms,

14)Modelling and  Simulation of Complex Systems,

15) Web-based Simulation and Computing,

16) Grid-based Simulation and Computing,

17) Computational Grids,

18) Fuzzy Logic,

19) Hybrid Computational Methods,

20) Data Mining and Information Retrieval,

21) Virtual Reality,

22) Reliable Computing,

23) Image Processing,

24) Computational Science and Education.
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