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Date: Wed Jun 14 20:40:48 2006
Subject: 06.07.03 Curr Challenges Comp Struct Biol -- Improving Model Refinement for Functional Predictions
Current challenges in computational structural biology:
 improving model refinement for functional predictions

             Barcelona, 3-5 July 2006

Please, check the meeting's web page at:

Thanks to its ability to generate usable models, computational chemistry has
branched into many different biological applications. Nevertheless, the uncertainty
associated with all molecular models is high. New refinement methods are clearly
needed to upgrade these models to reliable predictions, which could be used with
confidence both by experimentalist and further computational studies. The goal of
the workshop is to share new views about computational refinement and theoretical
approaches that will enable us to improve current low-resolution models and make
better use of experimental structures. 

The scientific program, as it currently stands, follows:

Opening lecture
  David T. Jones (University College London, UK) 

Current challenges in model refinement
  Alfonso Valencia  CNIO, Madrid 
  Ruben Abagyan  The Scripps Research Institute, CA. USA  
  Nick Furnham  Univ. of Cambridge, UK  
  Roland Dunbrack  Fox Chase Cancer Center, PA. USA  
  Xavier Salvatella  Univ. of Cambridge, UK  

Improving structural models for systems of pharmacological interest
  Angel Ortiz  CBM-CSIC, Madrid 
  Max Totrov  Molsoft, CA. USA  
  Nils Weskamp Philipps-Universitt Marburg. Germany  

Experimental and theoretical models in the structural proteomics era
  Jeremy Smith  Univ. Heidelberg, Germany  
  Javier Sancho  Univ. Zaragoza  
  Miquel Pons  Univ. Barcelona, IRB-PCB  
  JM Sanchez Ruiz  Univ. Granada  
  Patrick Aloy  IRB-PCB. ICREA. Barcelona  
  Xavier Gomis-Rth  IBMB - CSIC. Barcelona  
  Pau Bernado  Univ. Barcelona- PCB 

New trends in model refinement 
  Modesto Orozco  Univ. Barcelona, IRB-PCB, BSC  
  Anna Tramontano  Univ. La Sapienza. Roma Italy  

We will have great pleasure in welcoming you to Barcelona for the MODREF 2006
Workshop and we trust that you will enjoy it. 

The Organizing Committee
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