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Date: Thu Sep 14 10:36:01 2006
Subject: 06.11.20 VII Annual Spanish Bioinformatics Conference, Zaragoza, Spain
Zaragoza, Spain
November 20  22, 2006

The aim of the VII Annual Spanish Bioinformatics Conference 
(JdB'06) is to provide a forum to present and discuss recent 
research developments in the broad field of Bioinformatics. 
The conference is co-organized by the Spanish Bioinformatics 
Network (RNB) and the Institute for Biocomputation and Physics 
of Complex Systems (BIFI) at the University of Zaragoza (Zaragoza, 

The Program Committee seeks contributions (poster and oral) in 
the following areas: 

Structural Bioinformatics 
Comparative Genomics and Evolution 
Systems Biology 
Algorithms and Databases

Important dates
10th  October   2006            Abstract submission deadline
15th  October   2006            Notification of acceptance
15th November   2006            Registration deadline

Communications are in English. Both oral and poster presentations 
are accepted.

Scientific Committee   

Modesto Orozco, UB, Barcelona                                  

Patrick Aloy, ICREA IRB-PCB, Barcelona
Ugo Bastolla, CBMSO, CSIC-UAM, Madrid
Joaqun Dopazo, CIPF, Valencia
Roderic Guig, CRG, Barcelona
Angel R. Ortiz, CBMSO, CSIC-UAM, Madrid
Juan Poyatos, CNIO, Madrid
David Posada, UV, Vigo
Javier Sancho, BIFI-UZ, Zaragoza
Lus Serrano, EMBL, Heidelberg
David Torrents, BSC, Barcelona
Oswaldo Trelles, UMA, Malaga
Alfonso Valencia, CNIO, Madrid  Organizing Committee


Javier Sancho, BIFI-UZ, Zaragoza
Fernando Falo, BIFI-UZ, Zaragoza
Adrin Velzquez, BIFI-UZ, Zaragoza
Milagros Medina, BIFI-UZ, Zaragoza
Pier Paolo Bruscolini, BIFI


Mar Alb, IMIM-UPF, Barcelona
Jose M. Carazo, CNB-CSIC, Madrid
Federico Morn, INB-UCM, Madrid
Angel R. Ortiz, CBMSO, CSIC-UAM, Madrid
Javier de las Rivas, CIC-CSIC, Salamanca
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