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Date: Sat Sep 23 11:34:01 2006
Subject: 07.01.15 Practicing Chemistry with Theoretical Tools, Maul HPCC, Hawaii
Practicing Chemistry with Theoretical Tools, Maul HPCC, Hawaii
On the occassion of Professor Mark S. Gordon's 65th Birthday
Maul High Performance and Computing Center, Hawaii
Jan 15-18, 2007

This symposium will focus on advancements made in theoretical and 
computational chemistry for the understanding of structure, mechanism 
and dynamics of molecules in gas and condensed phase. Particular emphasis 
will be given to modeling reactive processes in the gas phase as well 
as condensed phase, with applications in specialized materials, surface 
chemistry, molecular recognition and chemical dynamics, using a variety 
of methodology from traditional methods to advancements made in hybrid 
methods. This workshop will orient the future directions of the field 
while paying tribute to the major accomplishments of the past decades.

In addition, this symposium will provide the opportunity to recognize 
Professor Mark S. Gordon's contributions to the field, and to celebrate 
his 65th birthday. The theoretical chemistry community is proud to honor 
an outstanding theoretician on the occasion of his 65th birthday. His 
fame extends National and International borders, and traverses several 
disciplines of research. This symposium will feature many of the 
scientists that have trained under Mark as well as collaborators and 
friends, each giving a snapshot of the wide diversity of research space 
that the community covers.

The event will take place at the Maui High Performance and Computing 
Center, in Hawaii, one of Mark's favorite places, from 
January 15-18, 2007.

Participants and Speakers

Yuri Alexeev, University of Strasboug
Ivana Adamowic, Harvard University
Christine Aikens, Northwestern University
Yoshinobu Akinaga, AIST
Kim Baldridge, University of Zrich
Pradipta Bandyopadhyay, Indian Institute of Technology
Michael Berman, AFOSR
Dave Beveridge, Wesleyan University
Jerry Boatz, Edwards AFB
Tom Barton, Iowa State University
Brett Bode, Iowa State University
Philip Boudjouk, North Dakota State University
Laura Brovold, GENEGO
Marshall Carroll, Vincent Massey Collegiate
Galina Chaban, NASA
Wei Chen, Atmel Corp
Cheol-Ho Choi, Kyungpook National University
Michelle Coote, Australian National University
Christopher Cramer, University of Minnesota
Michael Collins, Australian National University
Thomas Cundari, University North Texas
Paul N. Day, WPAFB
Robert Damrauer, University Colorado
Larry Davis, DoD HPC
Dmitri Fedorov, AIST
Timothy Dudley, Villanova University
Graham Fletcher, Daresbury, UK
Mark Freitag, Creighton University
Zhengting Gan, Q-Chem
Lisa GilhuijsPederson, Amsterdam
Peter Gill, Australian National University
Kurt Glaesemann, LLNL
Vassiliki-Alexandra Glezakou, PNNL
Michael Gordon, MINDLESS
Richard Hilderbrant, DOE
Tom Holme, UW-Milwaukee
Joe Ivanic, BHSAI
Cynthia Jenks, Iowa State University
William Jenks, Iowa State University
Jan H. Jensen, University of Iowa
Yousung Jung, UC-Berkeley
Jerzy Moc, Wroclaw University
Shiro Koseki, Osaka Prefecture University
Anna Krylov, University of Southern California
Takako Kudo, Gunma University
Nikita Matsunaga, Long Island University
Grant Merrill, U Texas, San Antonio
Jonathan Mullin, Iowa State University
Haruyuki Nakano, Kyushu University
Heather Netzloff, Australian National University
Kiet Nguyen, WPAFB
James Stuart Newhouse, MHPCC
Neil Ostlund, HyperCube, Inc.
Ruth Pachter, WPAFB
Ted Packwood, CRAY
Michael Pak, Penn. State University
Jacob Petrich, Iowa State University
Leo Radom, University of Sidney
Piotr Piecuch, Michigan State University
Alistair Rendell, Australian National University
Jamie Rintelman, Daresbury, UK
Klaus Ruedenberg, Iowa State University
Shogo Sakai, Gifu University
Mike Schmidt, Iowa State University
Sarom Sok - Iowa State University
Masha Sosonkina, Iowa State University
Walter Stevens, DOE
Shujun Su, Missouri State
Kazuo Takatsuka, The University of Tokyo
Tetsuya Taketsugu, Hokkaido University
Hiroyuki Tamura, NINS
Baudilio Tejerina, Northwestern University
Donald G. Truhlar, University of Minnesota
Thanh N. Truong, University of Utah
Sergej Varganov, Australian National University
Simon Webb, NIST
Theresa Windus, PNNL
Satoshi YABUSHITA, Keio University
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