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Date: Thu Sep 28 15:28:05 2006
Subject: 07.03.25 Chirality Symposium ++ ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007
Molecular chirality manifests itself in a myriad of fields of physical, 
chemical and biological importance, ranging from fundamental investigations 
of parity nonconservation and asymmetric catalysis to the never-ending 
pursuit of the origins of life. This symposium will bring together a 
diverse array of theorists and experimentalists to discuss the latest 
developments in such areas, with topics covered during the planned series 
of seven half-day sessions including (1) the theory and computation of 
chiroptical properties, (2) linear and nonlinear forms of chiroptical 
spectroscopy, (3) chiral surfaces and structures, (4) emerging probes of 
chiral molecules and their interactions, and (5) the physical and chemical 
origins of homochirality.

Invited Speakers:

Jochen Autschbach, SUNY Buffalo 	
Michael Barnes, U Mass, Amherst
Laurence Barron, U Glasgow 	
David Beratan, Duke U
Paul Brumer, U Toronto 	
David Buckingham, Cambridge U
James Canary, New York U 	
Natalie Cann, Queen's U, Ontario
James Cheeseman, Gaussian, Inc. 	
Robert Compton, U Tennessee
George Flynn, Columbia U 	
Bart Kahr, U Washington
Dilip Kondepudi, Wake Forest U 	
Alexandra MacDermott, U Houston, Clear-Lake
Laurence Nafie, Syracuse U 	
Marcel Nooijen, U Waterloo
Prasad Polavarapu, Vanderbilt U 	
Iwan Powis, U Nottingham
Martin Quack, ETH Zuerich 	
Geert Rikken, LNCMP, Toulouse
Kenneth Ruud, U Tromso
Yuen-Ron Shen, U California, Berkeley
David Sholl, Carnegie Mellon U 	
Garth Simpson, Purdue U
Philip Stephens, U Southern California 	
Thierry Verbiest, Katholieke U Leuven
Yunjie Xu, U Alberta 	
Anne Zehnacker-Rentien, U Paris-Sud, Orsay

Aside from invited presentations given by the above researchers, 
contributed talks and posters are being solicited. Interested individuals 
should submit their abstracts on-line at:

On-line abstract submission deadline: November 10th, 2006

For further information, contact the symposium organizers:

T. D. Crawford, Virginia Tech 	
P. H. Vaccaro, Yale University 	
K. B. Wiberg, Yale University
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