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Date: Fri Jan 26 21:09:45 2007
Subject: 07.05.27 2nd Molecular Discovery Users Meeting, Novel Computational Methods for Cheminformatics, Rational Drug Design, ADME and DMPK Prediction, Perugia, Italy
The 2nd Molecular Discovery Users Meeting on Novel Computational Methods for
Cheminformatics, Rational Drug Design,  ADME and DMPK Prediction.

27th - 31st  May, 2007

Perugia, Italy

We are pleased to announce the second MD Users Meeting which will be held 
in Perugia, Italy, from the 27th to 31st of May, 2007. The main focus 
of the Meeting will be on the practical use of the MD Programmes in real 
research applications, and participants will be able to work with the 
latest release of each Programme. They will also have a unique opportunity
to evaluate and try some of the novel software projects which are 
currently being developed by the scientists at Molecular Discovery.

Preliminary agenda for the meeting:

DAY 0 (Sunday 27th May): Arrival and welcome party in the evening.
DAY 1 (Monday 28th May): Predicting the site of metabolism for
                         xenobiotics. MetaSite
DAY 2 (Thusday 29th May): What's new in in silico ADME-methods. VolSurf+
DAY 3 (Wednesday 30th May): In silico pKa prediction. MoKa
DAY 4 (Thursday 31st May): Scaffold hopping from proteins. SHOP

The number of rooms for attendees is limited, so a registration should
be made as soon as possible.
The meeting will be held in Relais Borgo Brufa, a wonderful resort centre
overlooking luxuriant valleys cloaked in olive groves and vineyards. 
A green oasis of silence for nature lovers, made even more irresistible 
by a unique range of services and technology, located in the hills 
surrounding Perugia. Snapshots of the locations are reported in the 
web page:

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