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Date: Tue Jan 30 22:48:29 2007
Subject: 07.03.31 iDFT 07 -- First Annual DFT meeting at Irvine/Mini-School and Workshop, Laguna Beach, CA
                         iDFT 07

                First Annual DFT meeting at Irvine

                      Mini-School and Workshop

                      March 31 - April 1, 2007

                         Laguna Beach, CA

        Organizers: Max Koentopp (Rutgers), Kieron Burke (UC Irvine)


UC Irvine will be holding its first DFT meeting in chemistry and physics.
The meeting will take place on two weekend days. The first day is an
intensive mini-school, while the second is a workshop, at which experts in
the field present some of their latest research. The meeting is designed to
enable intensive and fruitful interactions between students and experts.

Primary focus of the school on Saturday is to give a thorough theoretical
background on Density Functional theory (lectures: Kieron Burke, UC Irvine)
as well as to provide practical examples on the proper use of a modern and
fast Density Functional Code (TURBOMOLE, lectures: Fillip Furche, University
of Karlsruhe).  Because of the short time, there will be no hands-on

The Sunday workshop will focus on new developments in and applications of
Density Functional Theory in Chemistry and Physics. The areas of application
of Density Functional Theory are very broad and the workshop will provide a
sampling of the various fields of applications and current research
questions. The workshop talks will be semi-pedagogical.

For further information, and to register, please visit

There is no fee, but participants must cover their own expenses.
The registration deadline is Feb 25, 2007.

Invited speakers:

    * John Perdew, Tulane University.*
    * Shaul Mukamel, UC Irvine.*
    * Bernie Kirtman, UC Santa Barbara.*
    * Filipp Furche, University of Karlsruhe.*
    * Max di Ventra, UC San Diego.*
    * Nicola Spaldin, UC Santa Barbara.*
    * Meta van Faassen, Rutgers University.*
    * Bob Cave, Harvey Mudd College.*
    * Stefano Sanvito, Trinity College, Dublin.

  (*) = confirmed.
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