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Date: Sat Feb 3 17:24:10 2007
Subject: 07.05.26 Update: Symposium on Biocomputational Chemistry at the 90th Canadian Chemical Conference & Exhibition CSC2007
Update and Call for Abstract: BioComputational Chemistry Symposium at the CSC2007 
(90th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition)

Dear Colleagues,
I am organizing a Symposium on Biocomputational Chemistry as a part of the 
90th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (CSC2007), May 26-30, 
2007, to take place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  
The Symposium will cover topics from method development to computational studies 
of biochemical and medicinal systems, with an emphasis on the interplay between 
theory and experiment.
To register and/or submit an abstract visit the CSC2007 site:
Details about the Biocomputational Chemistry Symposium are updated at:
*  Chemical Computing Group, Inc.:
*  Gaussian, Inc.:
*  Mount Saint Vincent University:
* Cherif F. Matta, Mount Saint Vincent University and Dalhousie University
* Richard F. W. Bader, McMaster University
* James Gould, University of Windsor!OpenDocument
* Stacey Wetmore Lethbridge University
* Paul Ayers, McMaster University 
Topic: (a) Approaches to the Protein Folding Problem or (b) Modeling Enzyme Mimics.
* Axel Becke, Dalhousie University
Title: A New Density Functional for Weak Interactions in Bio-organic Systems,_Axel.php
* Curt Breneman, Rensselaer Polytechnic University
Topic: To be announced
* Russell Boyd, Dalhousie University 
Topic: Seleno-enzymes,_Russell.php
*  Katherine Darvesh, Mount Saint Vincent University
Title: Computational Chemistry in the Development of Potential Antidementia Inhibitors 
of Butyrylcholinesterase
* Heather Gordon, Brock University 
Title: Computational Assessment of Flexiblity in Proteins
* Anna Gubskaya, New Jersey Center for Biomaterials and Rutgers University
Title: Computer-Aided Prediction of Bioresponse for Combinatorial Libraries 
of Biodegradable Polymers
*  Pavel Hobza, Center for Biomolecules and Complex Molecular Systems
Title: Structure and properties of DNA and Proteins: Stabilization Energies 
of DNA Base Pairs and Amino Acid Pairs
* Lakshmi Kotra, University Health Network and University of Toronto 
Topic: To be announced
* Claude Lecomte, Universite Henri Poincare Nancy 
Topic: To be announced
*  Gilles Peslherbe, Concordia University
Title: Computational Studies of Some aspects of Nitric Oxide Chemistry
*  Louis Massa, Hunter College (City University of New York, CUNY)
Topic: Quantum Crystallgraphy and its Applications to Proteins
*  Paul Popelier, The University of Manchester
Topic: Quantum Chemical Topology (QCT) peptide force field
*  Tamar Schlick, New York University
Topic: To be announced
* Peter Tieleman, University of Calgary 
Topic: Partitioning of Small Molecules in Lipid Bilayers
* Gang Wu, Queen's University 
Highly Accurate 23Na Chemical Shielding Calculations as a Tool for Probing 
Na+ Ion Binding in G-Quadruplex DNA
For further information about the Symposium, 
contact Cherif F. Matta (E-mail:  cherif.matta"at" )
Cherif F. Matta, Ph.D., MCIC
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Mount Saint Vincent University
Halifax, NS, Canada B3M 2J6.
Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS, Canada B3H 4J3.
Tel.: +1(902)457 6142  Fax: +1(902)457 6134
New book release: C. F. Matta and R. J. Boyd (Editors), with a Foreword by Axel D. Becke:
The Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules: From Solid State to DNA and Drug Design,descCd-description.html
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