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Date: Thu Feb 15 01:58:36 2007
Subject: 07.11.27 Molecular Modelling 2007 (MM2007) - Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia
27th - 30th November, 2007

MM2007 will be the inaugural meeting of the recently formed Association of Molecular Modellers 
of Australasia (AMMA), the Asia/Pacific Chapter of the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society 

The meeting will focus on the latest developments in molecular modelling in both the life sciences 
and materials sciences, particularly in the areas of drug discovery (specifically in silico screening 
approaches), protein modelling (specifically protein structure prediction), quantum mechanical 
methods including density functional methods, cheminformatics, electrostatics, systems biology 
and nanotechnology.

Plenary Speakers
     * Dennis Bray
     * Peter Cummings
     * Bernard Delley
     * Mike Finnis
     * Mike Gilson
     * Keith Gubbins
     * William Hoover
     * Andrew McCammon
     * Kenneth Merz
     * Anthony Nicholls
     * Yuan-Ping Pang

Conference Chair
Brian Smith, The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Organising Committee
     * David Chalmers, Victorian College of Pharmacy
     * Vidana Epa, CSIRO
     * Maureen Grant, The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
     * Nathan Hall, Monash University
     * Mitchell Polley
     * Billy Todd, Swinburne University
     * Herbert Treutlien, Cytopia
     * Dave Winkler, CSIRO
     * Irene Yarovsky, RMIT University
     * Elizabeth Yuriev, Victorian College of Pharmacy

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