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Date: Fri Mar 9 12:33:58 2007
Subject: 07.07.15 Gordon Research Conference on TDDFT, Colby College, Maine
Gordon Research Conference: Time-Dependent Density-Functional Theory

July 15-20, 2007
Colby College, Waterville, Maine

Chairs: Carsten A. Ullrich and Kieron Burke
Co-Chair: Angel Rubio

Time-dependent density-functional theory (TDDFT) provides an efficient, 
elegant, and formally exact way of describing the dynamics of interacting 
many-body quantum systems, circumventing the need for solving the full 
time-dependent Schrdinger equation. In the 20 years since it was first 
rigorously established in 1984, the field of TDDFT has made rapid and 
significant advances both formally as well as in terms of successful 
applications in chemistry, physics and materials science. Today, TDDFT 
has become the method of choice for calculating excitation energies of 
complex molecules, and is becoming increasingly popular for describing 
optical and spectroscopic properties of a variety of materials such as 
bulk solids, clusters and nanostructures. Other growing areas of 
applications of TDDFT are nonlinear dynamics of strongly excited 
electronic systems and molecular electronics.

The purpose and scope of this Gordon Research Conference is to provide a 
platform for discussing the current state of the art of the rapidly 
progressing, highly interdisciplinary field of TDDFT, to identify and 
debate open questions, and to point out new promising research directions. 
The conference will bring together experts with a diverse background in 
chemistry, physics, and materials science.

Invited speakers and discussion leaders:

Roi Baer
Evert J. Baerends
Stefano Baroni
Andre Bandrauk
Harold Baranger
Thomas Brabec
Mark Casida
Roberto Car
James Chelikowsky
Giulia Galli
Fillipp Furche
Andreas Goerling
E.K.U. Gross
Stefan Kurth
David Langreth
Manfred Lein
Neepa Maitra
Miguel Marques
Nicola Marzari
Oleg Prezhdo
Lucia Reining
Angel Rubio
Tamar Seideman
Annabella Selloni
Tchavdar Todorov
Sergei Tretiak
Meta van Faassen
Troy Van Voorhis
Giovanni Vignale
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