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Subject: 08.09.14 World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists (WATOC), Sydney, Australia
WATOC 2008

Sydney, September 14-19 2008

Congress Overview

The World Association of Theoretical and Computational Chemists (WATOC) is
the major international organisation representing theoretical and
computational chemists. The 2008 World Congress of WATOC, namely WATOC
2008, will be held in Sydney, Australia from September 14-19, 2008. Held
every 3 years, the WATOC World Congresses represent the major worldwide
event that brings together an international network of theoretical and
computational chemists. These Congresses are the main international
conferences in the bourgeoning field of computational chemistry, and
attract strong participation from government, industry and academia.

Elebana Falls Cradle Mountain

The World Congresses of WATOC have a history of widespread support across
the globe  the average number of participants attending an international
congress is 500-600, typically coming from around 40 countries. The venues
of the past Congresses have been:

    * 1987 Budapest (Hungary) (Inaugural Congress)
    * 1990 Toronto (Canada)
    * 1993 Toyohashi (Japan)
    * 1996 Jerusalem (Israel)
    * 1999 London (UK)
    * 2002 Lugano (Switzerland)
    * 2005 Cape Town (South Africa)

The topics covered in WATOC 2008 will range from cutting-edge developments
in the fundamentals of computational and theoretical chemistry and physics
to the application of the theoretical modelling to such diverse fields as
biotechnology and drug design, nanotechnology, condensed-matter physics,
and chemical and materials engineering.

More specific themes include:

   1. THEORETICAL/PHYSICAL: Methodological advances, coupled cluster, DFT,
      DFTB, CPMD, dynamics, theoretical thermochemistry, polymers,
      spectroscopy, photochemistry, presentations by software developers;

   2. INORGANIC/MATERIALS: Structures, reactions, organometallics,
      catalysis, clusters, nanoparticles, surfaces, materials, multiscale
      modeling, industrial, heavy metals, relativistic effects, condensed

   3. ORGANIC: Structures, conformations, reactions, dynamics, radicals,
      ion chemistry, large molecules, condensed phase;

   4. BIOLOGICAL: Enzyme catalysis, proteins/peptides, nucleotides,
      radicals in biology, drug design, bioinformatics, QSAR.

Gold Coast Camel Riders

The format of WATOC 2008 will include plenary lectures, invited lectures,
contributed lectures and poster presentations. In addition, there will be
an Exhibition featuring leading companies involved with the relevant
computer hardware, software and publishing, as well as other relevant
areas. The Congress will bring together leading practitioners in the field
of computational chemical, physical and biological sciences. It will create
opportunities for the establishment of strategic alliances and
collaborations with the very best international scientists working in a
broad range of theoretical and computational sciences and their
applications. The Congress is designed to facilitate extensive networking,
provide examples of leading practice, and deliver practical ways of
positioning organizations for the future.
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