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Date: Thu Oct 11 21:49:47 2007
Subject: 08.06.22 Computational Molecular Science 2008, Cirencester, UK
Computational Molecular Science 2008
June 22-25, 2008
Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, UK

Computational methods now make an immense contribution to the molecular
sciences. CMS 2008 is a conference to bring together researchers
working both on methodological developments and on applications in all
areas of molecular science.

The conference will take place at the Royal Agricultural College,
Cirencester from Sunday 22nd to Wednesday 25th June 2008.

The conference will run for two and a half days, with five sessions on
different aspects of computational molecular science. Each session will
include a plenary lecture, as well as several invited and contributed
talks. There will be poster sessions on Monday and Tuesday evening.

Please direct all enquiries to cms-2008#,

Organizing committee: Dr F R Manby, Dr J N Harvey, Dr A J Mulholland,
Prof N L Allan and Prof G G Balint-Kurti.
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