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Subject: 09.06.22 13th ICQC -- The International Congresses of Quantum Chemistry, Helsinki, Finland
13th ICQC -- The International Congresses of Quantum Chemistry
22-27 June 2009, Helsinki, Finland

General information

The International Congresses of Quantum Chemistry are organized by the
International Academy of Quantum Molecular Sciences (IAQMS) based in
Menton, France.

The First ICQC was held in Menton, France, in 1973. The four latest
congresses were Kyoto 2006, Bonn 2003, Menton 2000 and Atlanta GA

The number of registered scientific participants at Kyoto was about 740
and they represented 46 countries. For details of that superbly
organized previous conference, see

The 13th ICQC is scheduled to start on Monday, 22 June 2009.
Registration will open at the Porthania building at noon.
The opening session will start at the Great Hall of the University of
Helsinki, next to it, at 16.00. It will be followed by a Reception, also
at the University Main Building.

The congress will end on Saturday, 27 June, at noon.

The following scientists have agreed to join the Local Organization

Lauri Halonen (Helsinki)
Hannu Hkkinen (Jyvskyl)
Matti Hotokka (bo Akademi University)
Kari Laasonen (Oulu)
Jan Lundell (Helsinki)
Kai Nordlund (Helsinki)
Tapani Pakkanen (Joensuu)
Pekka Pyykk (Helsinki)
Tapio Rantala (Tampere University of Technology)
Dage Sundholm (Helsinki)
Juha Vaara (Helsinki)
Risto M. Nieminen (Helsinki University of Technology)

The Helsinki participants belong to the Finnish Centre of Excellence in
Computational Molecular Science (CMS) (2006-2011) that comprises about
sixty scientists, including the graduate students.
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