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Subject: 08.03.31 MGMS Spring Meeting, Bio-inorganic Chemistry, Cardiff, UK
MGMS Spring Meeting
Bio-inorganic Chemistry
31st March - 2nd April 2008, Cardiff, UK

Update: Jan 22, 2008

Registration is open now for the Molecular Graphics and Modelling
Society's Spring meeting on Computational Bio-Inorganic Chemistry,
which will be held in Cardiff from 31st March to 1st April 2008. Early
registration fees will apply for a few more weeks, closing on 8th Feb.
Thanks to generous sponsorship by CCG, travel bursaries for students
and younger researchers will be available.

We have an excellent line-up of speakers, all of whom have recently
confirmed their attendance:
* Dr. Frank Blaney - 
   Cytochrome P450 2D6 - Recent Structural and Mechanistic Studies.

* Prof. Jaroslav Burda - 
   Physicochemical properties and reaction mechanisms of selected
   anticancer metallodrugs. 

* Prof. Paolo Carloni - 
   Metal-based drugs/DNA interactions investigated by molecular simulation

* Dr. Rob Deeth - 
  Bridging Ligands at Multinuclear Metalloenzyme Active Sites: Novel
  Force Field Approaches for Dimanganese(II) and Dicopper(II) Systems

* Dr. Jeremy Harvey - 
   QM/MM Studies of Metalloprotein Structure and Reactivity

* Prof. Fahmi Himo - 
   On the Elusive Mechanism of Nitrile Hydratase

* Prof. Nigel Richards - 
   Fe-type nitrile hydratase: How does sulfur oxidation modulate metal

* Dr. Sam de Visser - 
   Catalytic properties of oxygen activating non-heme enzymes

In addition, Dr. Nick Besley will present the MGMS Silver Jubilee
Prize lecture, titled: 
State-Selective Self-Consistent Field Calculations using the Maximum
Overlap Method.

More details on the meeting, including registration and accomodation details,
can be found at URL: 

We look forward to seeing you in Cardiff soon!

Jamie Platts
School of Chemistry       Phone: +44 (0) 2920 874950
Cardiff University            Email: 
Park Place                     FAX:   +44 (0) 2920 874030
Cardiff CF10 3AT  

The use of theoretical and computational methods to tackle problems in
bio-inorganic chemistry is an important and rapidly expanding field.
From the elucidation of mechanisms in enzymes to the design of new
drugs, computational bio-inorganic chemistry has the potential to make
crucial contributions to many areas of modern science.

To discuss and disseminate recent advances, the Molecular Graphics and
Modelling Society and Cardiff University announce an international
conference in Computational Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, to be held in
Cardiff in Spring of 2008. The conference will run from 31st March to
2nd April 2008, and will incorporate the AGM of the MGMS.

The following scientists have accepted invitations to present their
work at the conference:

    * Prof. Jaroslav Burda
    * Prof. Paolo Carloni
    * Dr. Rob Deeth
    * Dr. Jeremy Harvey
    * Prof. Fahmi Himo
    * Prof. Nigel Richards
    * Prof. Sason Shaik
    * Dr. Sam de Visser

in addition, Dr. Nick Besley will present the MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize

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