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Date: Wed Nov 14 22:06:57 2007
Subject: 08.07.20 BIT Life Sciences' WSA-2008 is a focused event for updating the current advances in worldwide R & D of Novel Antiviral Therapeutics
BITs 1st Annual World Summit of Antivirals-2008
Theme: Combating Severe Viral Infections 
Time: July 20-26, 2008
Place: Kunming, China 

Welcome to WSA-2008

BIT Life Sciences' WSA-2008 is a focused event for updating the current
advances in worldwide R & D of Novel Antiviral Therapeutics. The
anticipated attendees will represent top-level decision makers from
leading biotech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare organizations. WSA-2008 is
preparing to meet the demand on expert views, up-to-the-minute industry
intelligence, and professional presentation, and poster sessions. WSA
-2008 conference also provides an ideal forum for the promotion of
relevant companies, products, technologies and services. 

Infectious diseases have greatly affected the quality of human life, which
are causing global panic. Under such an urgent situation, BIT Life
sciences will initiate and organize this congress covering 2
pre-workshops, 27 professional sessions and 3 training courses. It is
expected that WSA-2008 can bring great impact on public awareness for the
importance of interactions, idea-exchanging, and also promotion on
antiviral technology and drug discovery, and hence stimulate power
all-round from scientific institutions, enterprises, associations and
common publics to prevent infectious diseases from spreading widely and
keep them within limits in union.

Hightlights of the Event  

-To schedule 200-250 scientific and technological presentations and 100
posters by world leading Scientists, Executives and Young Investigators on
the Antiviral Research, Drug Discovery and Development and, Diagnostics,
Clinical control and manage-ment of Severe Viral Infections 

-To bring together 20 Governmental Decision Makers and Leaders of
Non-Profit Organizations/Industries 

-To cover 2 pre-workshops, 27 professional sessions and 3 training courses
on Antiviral Therapeutic Development and Career Development, Infection
Control and management for Doctors, Nurses and Public 

-To organize Post-conference Tech-Tour to the two most fascinat-ing
wonderlands, Xizang (Tibet) and Xingjiang (Sinkiang) to enjoy Historical
Cultural Exoticism and amazing natural beauty in China

For more information, PS: 

Ms. Helen Zhao, 
Programme Leader 
Email: helen[a]
Organizing Committee of WSA-2008, China 
26 Gaoneng Street, Room 405, 
Dalian High-tech Zone, 
Dalian, LN 116025, China 
Tel: 0086-411-84799479
Fax: 0086-411-84799629
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