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Date: Tue Jan 29 21:20:45 2008
Subject: 08.03.29 Computer-Aided Drug Design Conference, Sheraton Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Computer-Aided Drug Design (D1)
Organizers: Kenneth M. Merz, Jr., Charles H. Reynolds and Dagmar Ringe
March 29 - April 3, 2008 
Sheraton Steamboat Resort 
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Organized by Kenneth M. Merz, Jr., Charles H. Reynolds, and Dagmar Ringe, 
this conference will bring leading academic and industrial researchers 
together to discuss the many facets of computer-aided approaches to drug 

The goal of this meeting is to cover the use and development of 
cutting-edge theoretical computational methods for structure-based 
design, ligand-based design, ADME/tox modeling, and homology modeling. 
Case studies that illustrate the interface between modeling, structural 
biology, and medicinal chemistry will also be presented. 

The meeting will emphasize how computational approaches can be used to 
address many of the key issues in drug discovery. 

A keynote address by Irwin D. Kuntz of UC San Francisco to start the 
conference on March 29 will be followed by four days of plenary session 
presentations and short talks by more than 20 different academic and 
industry speakers. 

Evening poster sessions and refreshment breaks provide an opportunity for 
one-on-one interaction with the speakers, while afternoon free time allows 
for skiing and other recreational pursuits.

The Keystone Symposia format provides an extraordinary opportunity for 
a broad array of computational chemists, structural biologists, and 
medicinal chemists to meet and exchange ideas on the newest approaches 
to using structure and modeling to discover new pharmaceuticals.
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