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Date: Wed Jan 30 23:29:32 2008
Subject: 08.06.06 5th European Charge Density Meeting, Lake of Como, Italy
5th European Charge Density Meeting
Gravedona, Lake of Como (Italy) 6-11 June 2008
Please visit this site for all information concerning the meeting.

                 Topics and keynote  lecturers
1) New directions in QTAIM and bond descriptors (A. Martin Pendas, Oviedo) 

2) Chemical applications of charge density (D. Stalke, Goettingen) 

3) Quantum Chemistry progresses for charge density studies (R. Dovesi,

4) Effects of extreme environments on chemical bonding (A. Oganov, Zurich)
5) New directions in refinement (B. Dittrich) 

6) Intermolecular Interactions Part A: theory of molecular aggregation 
   (A. Gavezzotti, Milano) 

7) Intermolecular interactions Part B: a multipolar model approach 
   (P. Coppens, Buffalo) 

8) Charge and spin densities in materials science (S. Dahaoui, Nancy) 

9) Charge density in the life sciences (P. Luger, Berlin) 

10)Large facilities: opportunities and challenges (B. B. Iversen, Aarhus) 

              Topics and chairs of the ECDM5 Micro-Symposia

1)Chemical bonding in extreme environments: Crystallography under high 
  pressure or electric field (chair: U. Pietsch) 

2) Charge, Spin, and Momentum densities in Materials Science (chair: 
  Y. Wang) 

3)Large facilities and charge density in the life sciences (chair: 
  J. Helliwell) 

4)New functions and descriptors for chemical bonding (chair: M. Kohout) 

5)New directions in charge density refinement and density matrix 
  reconstructions (in memory of Niels Hansen) (chair: F. Larsen) 

6)Static and dynamical aspects of charge density (chair: R.F.W. Bader.) 

7)Molecular interactions : the charge density viewpoint (chair: 
  M. Spackman) 

                            Poster sessions
Each poster will be exposed and discussed for the whole duration of 
the meeting

Early registration (Senior: 280 Euro; Junior: 140 Euro)

Travel grants for junior participants

More details on the meeting website

I'm welcoming you all on the beautiful shores of the Lake of Como 
in North Italy

            Carlo Gatti (CNR-ISTM, via Golgi 19, 20133 Milano, Italy)
            e-mail : c.gatti!A!
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