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Date: Mon Mar 3 23:43:05 2008
Subject: 08.06.26 40th Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference - 26-28 June.
40th MWTCC 
26-28 June
Chemistry Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Conference web site:

The Midwest Theoretical Chemistry Conference will be held, for the first time, 
at the campus of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. This will be the 
40th MWTCC following a long a respectfull tradition.  Please 
follow  the website link for further information and registration details. 
The registration and lodging costs are kept as usual to low rates.

You are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations. Come 
and enjoy the scientific interactions at the beautiful settings of Ann Arbor.

Looking forward to obtain your abstracts, the organizers:

Eitan Geva (University of Michigan) <eitan _>
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Full MCTP Member
Barry Dunietz (University of Michigan) <bdunietz _>
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
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