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Date: Wed Mar 19 21:25:28 2008
Subject: 08.08.17 Systems Chemical Biology: Integrating Chemistry and Biology for Network Models, ACS, Philadelphia, PA
Systems Chemical Biology: Integrating Chemistry and Biology for Network 
236th ACS National Meeting
Philadelphia, August 17-21, 2008
CINF Division

Dear Colleagues,
Rajarshi Guha and I are organizing a symposium focusing on the use of 
biological networks and their models for the purposes of drug discovery. 
Traditionally, such models have been applied to large scale biological 
systems such as protein-protein interaction networks. Recently, there 
has been increased interest in the study of these networks to gain a 
global understanding of biological systems and the impact of small 
molecules to them in the context of drug discovery. As a result, it has 
become important that such models integrate small molecules with the 
usual biological systems. By leveraging the power of established 
cheminformatics methods along with the network models we get closer to 
the goal of "systems chemical biology", the full integration of chemical 
and biological data in the development of better in silico-methods for 
drug discovery.

We invite you to submit contributions that address various computational 
aspects of this approach including, but not limited to: network 
construction, integration of multiple data sources in network models, 
drug repurposing, target identification, polypharmacology, incorporation 
of chemical structure/similarity into network models, bridging chemical 
structure and biological structure based network models. Case studies 
where computational network models have provided experimental insight 
are also welcome.

We would also like to point out that sponsorship opportunities are 

Please use the on-line abstract submission system (OASYS) for submitting 
your abstract ( OASYS will be 
accepting abstracts until 24th March, 2008.

Please contact Rajarshi or myself if you have any questions.

Josef Scheiber
Ph: +1-617-871-3697

Rajarshi Guha
Indiana University
Ph: +1-814-404-5449
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