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Date: Tue Mar 25 12:45:43 2008
Subject: 08.09.16 2nd EuCheMS Chemistry Congress, Cutting Edge Chemistry with Computers, Torino, Italy
Chemistry: The Global Science

September 16-20 2008 - Torino Italy

Peter AGRE (Nobel Laureate, Baltimore, USA)
Avelino CORMA (Valencia, Spain)
Jean M.J. FRECHET (Berkeley, USA)
Robert H. GRUBBS (Nobel Laureate, Pasadena, USA)
Kyriacos C. NICOLAOU (San Diego and La Jolla, USA)
Martyn POLIAKOFF (Nottingham, UK)
K.Barry SHARPLESS (Nobel Laureate, La Jolla, USA)

The 2nd EuCheMS Chemistry Congress will be co-organised by EuCheMS (European Association for
Chemical and Molecular Sciences) and SCI (Società Chimica Italiana), the hosting society.  It is a 
very important event for all the European societies of chemistry and a large participation of members
is expected, coming from universities, industries, and both public and private institutions for 
research and analysis.

As stated by EuCheMS, the main aims of these Congresses, which bring together all branches of 
chemical and molecular sciences, are:

     * to promote chemistry and chemical sciences at the cutting edge;
     * to foster collaboration among scientists in research, industry, education in support of
       chemistry in Europe; 
     * to enhance the image of chemistry.

The Congress will be organised in common sessions, with plenary lectures given by outstanding
scientists, and parallel sessions, focusing on important areas of chemistry. The programme of these
parallel symposia will include keynote lectures and invited lectures, as well as oral and poster 
communications selected on the basis of abstract submission.

Symposium: Cutting Edge Chemistry with Computers

Keynote Lecture by 
Richard Catlow:  Computer Modelling as a Tool in the Chemistry of Materials

Invited Lectures by 
Dominik Marx:    Dealing with Complex Chemical Processes on the Computer
Manuela Merchan: Understanding Key Molecular Processes in Photobiology from High-Level 
                 Computational Quantum-Chemistry Research 
Jens K. Norskov: Towards Computational Design of Solid Catalysts 
Luigi Cavallo:   Insights on the Mechanism of Reactions Catalyzed by Transition Metal Complexes 
                 Containing NHC-Ligands

A number of leading scientists will present topic lectures on important applications of computational 
chemistry in the chemical and molecular sciences. The lectures are intended for a wide audience, 
and will emphasize the chemistry rather than the methodology. However by presenting the use of 
computational chemistry for specific applications, the versatility and capacity of modern 
computational chemistry methods will also be highlighted. An important aspect of all talks will be 
the interplay between computations and experiments for solving chemical problems.

Oral contributions and poster presentations will be invited.
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