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Date: Thu Aug 28 12:28:23 2008
Subject: 08.11.22 Chemical Control with Electrons and Photons, University Centre Obergurgl, Otz Valley, Austria
Closing date for applications: 27 September 2008
Programme and applications: 
Chair: Professor Petra Swiderek, Bremen University, Germany

Grants: are available for young researchers to cover the conference fee
and travel costs

This conference will bring together leading experts from the fields of
electron-, laser-, and plasma-driven chemical processing. Despite their
common goals and synergies between the different approaches (e.g in
understanding molecular dissociation dynamics and fragmentation patterns)
this is the first time in any international research forum that the
different communities exploring routes to chemical control will be
brought together at a single dedicated research conference. The aim of
this meeting is therefore to (i) promote the awareness of a common
research basis and (ii) to discuss new opportunities and directions such
as facile processes for surface functionalization and nanostructuring
that may be developed through collaboration between the different
communities. This will include not only research on fundamental aspects
of molecular fragmentation and chemical control but also highlight the
applications in the areas of surface, material science and the ability to
extend such knowledge to the study of biomolecular systems (e.g. in
development of DNA as a functional engineering material).

Sessions will focus on:
·Chemical Control using ultrashort light pulses
·Chemical Control using low-energy electrons
·Chemical Control at the nanoscale with STM
·Plasma processing and nanofabrication
·Chemical control of biomolecules
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