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Date: Wed Sep 10 10:18:10 2008
Subject: 08.10.02 South Africa's 1st National Innovation Summit - Emperors Palace, Johannesburg
South Africa's 1st National Innovation Summit will be opened by Minister of Science and Technology, Mosibudi Mangena
CEOs, MD's, Directors, HODs, Managers,  are invited to join a delegation of business and government 
fellow leaders as well as leading academics to gain a complete understanding 
of how to develop and grow a culture of Innovation in your 

This very exciting and informative event will take the form of a 
court trial and delegates will bear witness as Innovation goes on trial.

Join Gavin Sharples, Tata India, Gideon Novic, Vuyo Mbuli, amongst others to find out :
Does innovation cost or make money? 
Are innovators made or born? 
Does your business/organisation lack remarkability?  

South Africa's 1st National Innovation Summit - 2and 3rd October- Emperors 
Palace Johannesburg ...
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