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Date: Sun Sep 14 13:22:52 2008
Subject: 09.12.11 Latest Advances in Drug Discovery Modelling & Informatics, CFP/Bursaries/ eCheminfo Community of Practice InterAction Meeting, Hyderabad, India
Latest Advances in Drug Discovery Modelling & Informatics

eCheminfo Community of Practice InterAction Meeting
December 11-22, 2009
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, India

CFP and Bursary Awards Available (both deadlines are March 31)

Conference Link:

Themes: Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Discovery Innovation, 
Structure-based Drug Design, Screening, Docking, Structural Biology, Predictive Toxicology, 
Predictive ADME

Conference Sessions: Biophysical Simulation Applications, Neglected Diseases Applications, 
Drug Discovery Informatics, Predictive ADME/Toxicology

We invite contributed papers from members of academic, government research and commercial 
organizations on areas of new research and innovation involving drug discovery research 
informatics. The work presented should involve innovative new method development or 
application to drug discovery problems and involving methods from computational chemistry, 
computational biology, cheminformatics or bioinformatics. Studies including experimental 
work in medicinal chemistry, screening, experimental toxicology, pre-clinical evaluation, 
lead optimisation and translational medicine are welcome.  Please visit website for more 

Bursary Awards 
Bursary Awards will be used to support the attendance of a selection of academic young 
investigators at the meeting. Applicants can be working in any area of research related 
to drug discovery at the postdoctoral, graduate student and senior undergraduate levels.   
Please visit our website for more details.  Deadline is March 31, 2009.

*Conference Sessions:* 
Biophysical Simulation Applications, chaired by V.N. Balaji (Jubilant Biosys) 
Neglected Diseases Applications, chaired by Avadhesha Surolia (National Institute of Immunology) 
Drug Discovery Informatics, chaired by G.R.Desiraju (University of Hyderabad) 
Predictive ADME/Toxicology, chaired by Kas Subramanian (Strand Genomics) 

*Invited Speakers* include Chandra Verma (Bioinformatics Institute A*STAR, Singapore), Sreedhar Rao 
(Ranbaxy), Chandrika B-Rao (Piramal Life Sciences), Vellarkad N. 
Viswanadhan (Jubilant Biosys), R. Narayanan (TCS), Johann Gasteiger 
(Molecular Networks), Jeff Wiseman (Locus Pharmaceuticals), Indira Ghosh 
(JNU, New Delhi), Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Dhananjay Bhattacharyya 
(Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics), Ismael Zamora (Pompeu Fabra 
University and Lead Molecular Design), B. Gopalakrishnan (TCS, IIITH), 
Abhijit Mitra (IIITH), Avadhesha Surolia (National Institute of 
Immunology), Achintya Das (Strand Genomics), Pramod Wangikar (IIT 
Bombay), Mingyue Zheng (Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica)

Pre-Conference Workshop - Drug Discovery Design Methods & Applications  December 7 - 10, 2009
Virtual screening, structure-based drug design, lead optimisation and predictive 
ADME/toxicology supporting decision making in drug discovery - a Hands-on eCheminfo Workshop 
Bursary award available

For further information and questions on the Conference program, please contact Dr. Barry Hardy 
at: barry.hardy+/, Tel: +41 61 851 0170 . For international registrations, 
please contact Nicki Douglas, nicki.douglas+/, Tel:  +41 61 851 0461 
If you are located in India, please contact Sunil Chawla at: sunil+/, 
Tel:  +91 981 0305 923  or Om Prakash at Tel: +91 971 7040 656  to complete your registration 
and payment in Rs. For more information, please visit
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