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Date: Sun Sep 14 13:28:50 2008
Subject: 09.12.07 Drug Discovery Design Methods & Applications Workshop, Hyderabad, India
Drug Discovery Design Methods & Applications Workshop
December 7-10, 2009
IIIT Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India 

Bursary Award available

Workshop Link:

Virtual screening, structure-based drug design, lead optimisation and predictive ADME/toxicology 
supporting decision making in drug discovery 
a Hands-on eCheminfo Workshop 
This workshop precedes the - Latest Advances in Drug Discovery Modelling & Informatics - eCheminfo 
Community of Practice InterAction Meeting
December 11-12, 2009

Co-organised in Partnership by IIIT Hyderabad , JNU NewDelhi , Seascape Learning, and Douglas 
Facilitated by Barry Hardy 

Work through in detail and discuss practical examples, methods and emerging techniques with 
leading modelling experts!

Virtual Screening & Docking 
Structure-based Drug Design 
Ligand Optimisation & Library Design
Structure Search, Similarity and Property Estimation
Data Mining, Analysis & Visualisation
Pharmacophore Modelling for Lead Identification
Fragment-based Drug Design
Predictive ADME
QSAR-based Predictive Toxicology

These workshops are aimed to provide a set of stimulating workshops using latest advanced 
modelling techniques of relevance to chemists, life scientists and modellers working in drug 
discovery. Participants should return to their labs with new ideas, best practices and software 
experiences to maximise productivity in their own drug discovery research activities. 

Workshop groups will study problems with hands-on examples using leading-edge software and 
discuss complex issues highlighted by examples and case studies presented by instructors. 

Software packages and an IT classroom will be used by instructors and participants to work 
through drug discovery and optimisation problems. Participants may propose problems and issues 
to the faculty ahead of the workshop. Participants will also have ample opportunity to discuss 
their perspectives and criticisms of the methods studied and should take-away key nuggets of 
understanding from these intensive sessions.

Workshop Leaders 
Johann Gasteiger (Molecular Networks), Jeff 
Wiseman (Locus Pharmaceuticals), Indira Ghosh (JNU, New Delhi), Paul 
Hawkins (OpenEye), Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Peter Oledzki 
(BioSolveIT), Dhananjay Bhattacharyya (Saha Institute of Nuclear 
Physics), Ismael Zamora (Pompeu Fabra University and Lead Molecular 
Design), Madhavi Sastry (Schrodinger),and Wojciech Plonka (Fujitsu 

A Bursary Award will be used to support the attendance of one academic participant at the workshop. 

Please visit

For further information and questions on the Workshop program, please contact Dr. Barry Hardy at: 
barry.hardy(-), Tel:  +41 61 851 0170 . For international registrations, please 
contact Nicki Douglas, nicki.douglas(-), Tel:  +41 61 851 0461  
If you are located in India, please contact Sunil Chawla at: sunil(-), 
-Tel:  +91 981 0305 923  or Om Prakash at Tel: +91 971 7040 656  to complete your registration 
and payment in Rs. For more information, please visit
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