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Date: Tue Sep 30 05:46:35 2008
Subject: 08.10.30 Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modelling Solutions for Chemical and Materials Industry, The Trinity Centre, Cambridge Science Park, UK
"Computational Chemistry and Molecular Modelling Solutions for Chemical 
and Materials Industry"

The Trinity Centre
24 Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge, UK

The forthcoming seminar in Cambridge is the first of our planned series of 
seminars dedicated to computational chemistry. We would like to draw the 
attention of commercial research and development centers to the latest 
scientific software solutions for chemical and materials industry. To achieve
this goal we decided to prepare a seminar that covers general aspects of use
of computational chemistry and molecular modeling in the mentioned
industries, with special focus on specific applications in different fields 
such as microelectronics, glass research and toxicity.

On the other hand, our two most recently released products – Materials 
Explorer 5.0 and SCIGRESS v.1, represent the highest quality scientific 
software introducing some of the most recent solutions in the subject. The 
highest level of expertise of Fujitsu software engineers, as well as some of
the most recent algorithms and solutions available, make our software one of
the most competitive and advanced solutions for industrial partners.

All of our speakers, including our special guests – Dr. Akira Takada from 
Asahi Glass Co. Ltd, and Dr. Chioko Kaneta from Fujitsu Laboratories Japan, 
represent the top level of expertise in the fields of molecular modeling and 
computational chemistry. They have many years of professional experience both
with the development and application of scientific software in the 
cutting-edge research work.

We hope that our seminar will attract your attention.

The participation in FUJITSU seminar is free of charge. 
In order to register for the FUJITSU Seminar, please send the registration
form (  by  e-mail or fax. 
The deadline is 14.10.2008.

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