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Date: Wed Nov 12 13:38:19 2008
Subject: 09.09.06 3rd International Symposium on Advanced Micro- and Mesoporous Materials, Albena'2009
The Symposium will take place in Albena resort and will be the third event 
of this series, after the meetings organized in Nessebar'2005 and Varna'2007.
The scientific program of the symposium traditionally covers various fields
of advanced micro- and mesoporous materials, with specific focus on the 
recent developments in tailored preparation, detailed characterization and 
new areas of application of these materials. The members of the Advisory 
Board and the Invited speakers of these symposia are among the leading 
scholars in these fields all over the world.

The topics of the symposium will include:
Porous materials
Films and membranes 
Host-guest chemistry 
Modification and characterization 
Advanced applications 
Environmental chemistry 
Computational modelling 

The scientific program of the conference includes invited lectures of 
B. C. Gates, F. Fajula, J. Sauer, A. Zecchina, G. Bellussi, C. Fernandez, 
and G. Zhu, as well as oral and poster presentations.

Symposium web site:
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