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Date: Wed Jan 7 10:02:39 2009
Subject: 09.07.06 New Trends in Computational Chemistry for Industrial Applications, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
We are pleased to announce the first workshop on "New Trends of 
Computational Chemistry in Industry" organized by the Catalonian Reference
Network on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry (XRQTC).
Computational chemistry has become extremely important in the last decade,
being widely used in academic and industrial research.
Computational chemistry is leading to a wide range of possibilities 
due to explosive increase in computer power and software capabilities.
This workshop will be held in Barcelona and will consist on two one-day 
sessions: material science (July 6th), and life science (July 7th). 
The major goals of this workshop are to highlight the latest scientific 
advances within the broad field of computational chemistry in academia and
industry. This workshop will provide the opportunity to bring together 
researchers from industry and academia for discussion, exchanging ideas 
and developing collaborations.
It will also be a suitable platform for researchers from different fields
to meet so that ideas for new interdisciplinary research can emerge.

The workshop will be hosted by the Faculty of Chemistry at the University 
of Barcelona, Spain.

Please, ckeck the workshop website for more information:
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