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Date: Mon Mar 16 09:59:22 2009
Subject: 09.06.29 MODELING REACTIVITY FROM GAS PHASE TO BIOMOLECULES AND SOLIDS, Celebrating 25 years of the Theoretical and Computational Chemistry Network of Catalonia, University of Barcelona, Spain
We are proud to celebrate the XXVth anniversary of the Theoretical
Chemistry network of Catalunya (Spain).

By celebrating this conference we aim to cover several topics in the
field of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry with special emphasis 
in the study of the reactivity from gas phase to biomolecules and solids.

This meeting will be held in Barcelona, from 29 June to 3 July of 2009
and will consist in 19 plenary lectures, a series of short communications
and two poster sessions. The conference will be dedicated to Professor 
Santiago Olivella in occasion of his 65th anniversary.
Professor Olivella has been one of the key persons 
in the success of this network and by this meeting we will 
express our recognition to his efforts and dedication.

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