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Date: Thu Mar 26 08:18:47 2009
Subject: 09.09.29 Symposium "From Open-Shell Conjugated Molecules to Graphene: Theory and Experiment", Rodos, Greece
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International Symposium "From Open-Shell Conjugated Molecules to Graphene: 
Theory and Experiment"

International symposium on electronic properties in graphene, nanographene, 
and open-shell conjugated systems, will be held in the conference: "Seventh 
International Conference of Computational Methods in Sciences and 
Engineering" ( at Hotel Rodos Palace, Rodos, Crete, 
Greece. The conference period will be September 29 - October 4, 2009. 
Submission of the short abstract is welcome for interested persons. 
See the details at the Web site:

"Graphene" - a new carbonaceous material - is distinguished from 
conventional electronic systems such as graphite due to its exceptional 
features, e.g., a large magnetic moment around the zigzag edges and massless
 Dirac fermion, stimulating development of future electronic/spintronic 
devices. Several unique features of graphene are closely connected with 
the "open-shell character", which originates in the "instability of 
chemical bonds" in pi-conjugated system with unconventional spin states 
and strongly correlates with the topology of pi-electron array, especially
aromatic sextet formation. This symposium focuses on recent hot topics 
regarding unique physical and chemical properties derived from pseudo and 
real spins in pi-conjugated compounds, toward collaboration between 
theory, computational modeling and experiment. A wide range of compounds 
from small conjugated/aromatic molecules and inorganic metal complexes to 
nano- and large-size graphenes will be covered, and origin of the 
open-shell character as well as functional properties such as electron 
conductivity, optical and magnetic properties will be concentrated as 
important domains in the symposium.

Kikuo Harigaya, AIST; Masayoshi Nakano, Osaka University; 
Takashi Kubo, Osaka University

Kikuo Harigaya, AIST; Tel: 029-861-5151; FAX: 029-861-5375; 
E-mail: k.harigaya#,
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