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Date: Mon May 18 04:59:20 2009
Subject: 09.07.03 11th European DS Pharmacophore Meeting
Dear colleagues,

Please join us at the 11th European DS Pharmacophore Meeting 
to be hosted by Accelrys and Galapagos Romainville, in Paris, France 
on Friday July 3rd, 2009.

This is a great opportunity to get to know other users, speak with a 
member of the Discovery Studio R&D team, and share your results with 
colleagues, both from academia as well as industry. 

With the completed integration of their scientific server codes with 
the Pipeline Pilot platform technology Accelrys are now focussing their 
efforts in exploring new scientific research. Therefore this meeting 
is a unique opportunity to influence the prioritisation of scientific 
developments for Discovery Studio. 

Registration and agenda for this event has been posted at the following 

You may indicate on the electronic registration form if you would like 
to give a presentation at the meeting.  The agenda is still being updated 
as more speakers are added to the list.  The past success of these meetings
has been based on the diverse scientific contributions from the 
pharmacophore user community and invited speakers.  Please register for 
this event so that we can determine the numbers of attendees and speakers,
and continue the successful tradition of the DS Pharmacophore Meetings.

I am looking forward to having this fruitful meeting with you,

Nicolas Triballeau, PhD
Galapagos SASU
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