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Date: Sat Dec 12 19:35:36 2009
Subject: 10.11.12 Frontiers in the Simulation of Macromolecules, Los Angeles, CA
The simulation of biological function has advanced enormously since the early
attempts to use computers to understand how biological systems work. The 
emergence of effective approaches, the increase in computational power, and 
a rapid expansion of the field have allowed for the simulation of ever more 
challenging biological problems. A symposium marking both the landmarks and 
the current frontiers in the field of molecular simulation will be held at 
the University of Southern California between the 12th and 14th of November, 
2010.  USC is located in the heart of Los Angeles, just 10 minutes drive 
from Downtown Los Angeles, and about 30 minutes drive from the Pacific Ocean.
The current list of invited speakers includes Rudy Marcus, Michael Levitt
and Barry Honig, amongst others. Additionally, there will be (limited) 
possibility for oral presentations, as well as the possibility of poster 
presentations for conference attendees. Detailed information about our 
symposium can be found at:
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