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Date: Mon Dec 28 08:21:23 2009
Subject: 10.07.26 Drug Discovery Design Methods & Applications, Oxford, U.K., 26-30 July, 2010
Drug Discovery Design Methods & 26-30 July, 2010
Applications:  Virtual screening, structure-based drug design,
cheminformatics and molecular modelling supporting drug discovery and
design, a Hands-on 5 Day eCheminfo Workshop. Case Study approach
including Kinases.

Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, 
Oxford University, Oxford, UK 
Bursary award available (deadline February 12, 2010)
facilitated by Barry Hardy 
eCheminfo Community of Practice

A Bursary Award will be used to support the attendance of a selection of
academic participants at each workshop. To apply for the bursary please
send an email with a) description of your research (ca. 500 words); b)
your training needs (ca. 500 words), c) your CV to echeminfo -[at]- by 12 February 2010.  Please see the eCheminfo
website for further information on applications.

For further information and questions on the Workshop programs, please
contact Dr. Barry Hardy at: echeminfo -[at]-, Tel: 
+41 61 851 0170
For registrations, please contact Nicki Douglas,
echeminfo -[at]-, Tel:  +41 61 851 0461
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