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Date: Sat Jan 1 05:16:35 2011
Subject: 11.02.02 III Symposium of Young Researchers on Molecular and Atomic Physics
III Jornadas de Jovenes Investigadores en Fisica Atomica y Molecular
February, 2nd - 4th 2011 Santiago de Compostela Spain 

Jornadas de Jovenes Investigadores en Fisica Atomica y Molecular J2IFAM
(Symposium of Young Researchers on Molecular and Atomic Physics) was
created to allow graduate students and postdocs working in Spain to share
their knowledge and discuss their recent research. The first edition took
place in Madrid, on December, 12th 2008 and was organized by Departamento
de Fisica Atomica, Molecular y de Agregados of Instituto de Fisica
Fundamental (CSIC).

The second edition of the meeting was held from January 19th to 21st,
2010 at Universitat de Barcelona. Following the structure of the first
meeting, the second meeting consisted of short talks in which every
participant briefly exposed his/her work.
The number of participants in the first edition was 18 but it increased
to 41 in the second edition.

The current edition is organized by the Group of Theoretical Chemistry of
the University of Santiago de Compostela, and it will take place at the
Faculty of Chemistry.
Conference Topics
The main discussion topics of the meeting are the following:

    * Physics of Aggregates
    * Reaction Dynamics
    * Quantum Chemistry
    * Surface Physics
    * Atomic and Molecular Collisions
    * Ultracold Atoms and Molecules
    * Nanomaterial Science
    * Spectroscopy and Excited States
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