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Date: Wed Feb 16 09:51:27 2011
Subject: 11.09.11 13th European Symposium on Organic Reactivity, Tartu, Estonia
This conference series started in Paris in 1987 and it has been held every 
second year ever since: in Padova, Italy (1989), Goteborg, Sweden (1991), 
Newcastle, UK (1993), Santiago de Compostela, Spain (1995), 
Louvain la Neuve, Belgium (1997), Ulm, Germany (1999), 
Cavtat (Dubrovnik), Croatia (2001), Oslo, Norway (2003), Rome, Italy (2005), 
Faro, Portugal (2007), and Haifa, Israel, (2009).

From the beginning, the conference has been an important international 
gathering in the field of physical organic chemistry and attained great 
recognition. The field of physical organic chemistry, usually defined as 
"the study of the interrelationships between structure and reactivity in 
organic molecules", has in accordance with the spirit of interdisciplinarity 
spread widely in chemistry and its methods and ways of thinking have had 
an important impact on the development of all branches of chemistry.

The scientific program of the conference will consist of plenary, invited, 
and contributed lectures as well as poster presentations. We wish to cover 
all important areas of physical organic chemistry and its interactions 
with other sciences, e.g., mechanistic ideas and studies as a driving force 
in modern synthetic chemistry, physical organic chemistry of organized and 
living systems, new experimental and theoretical studies in organic 

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