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Date: Tue Mar 15 09:06:30 2011
Subject: 11.08.21 Summer School, Villars, Switzerland: Solving the Schrodinger Equation - From Electronic Structure to Quantum Dynamics
The recent advances in chemical theory and computer technology are
allowing what was until recently unthinkable, namely the simultaneous
quantum mechanical treatment of both electronic structure and chemical
dynamics. Within this context, the boundary between the two communities of
quantum chemists, i.e., those seeking an accurate description of the
electronic structure (treating the molecular dynamics classically) and those
developing efficient schemes for quantum dynamics (using simple model
potentials for the electronic structure) is starting to disappear. A modern
computational chemist should be aware of the most important  developments in
both areas. The school will focus on the most recent advances at the
interface between electronic structure theory and the theory of quantum
molecular dynamics. (see


Prof. Irene Burghardt (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
Prof. Todd Martinez (Stanford University)
Prof. Hans-D. Meyer (University of Heidelberg)
Prof. Mark Tuckerman (New York University)

Organized by Prof. Clemence Corminboeuf and Prof. Jiri Vanicek (EPFL)
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