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Date: Wed Jul 27 10:21:38 2011
Subject: 11.09.23 Symposium to celebrate Joop van Lenthe's 60th birthday
'From He2 to Proteins: Accurate Theoretical Methods in Chemistry'

To celebrate Joop van Lenthe's 60th birthday, a symposium is organised on 
Valence Bond theory, Multi-Reference techniques, and weak interactions. 
The symposium takes place on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 September 2011,
at Hotel Ie-Sicht in Oudega (near Drachten), The Netherlands.

Confirmed speakers: A. van der Avoird, G. Balint-Kurti, P.H.M. Budzelaar, H.J.J. van Dam, 
F. Dijkstra, M. de Groot, M.F. Guest, R.J. Harrison, P. Hiberty, J. H. van Lenthe, A. Meijer, 
T. van Mourik, P. Pulay, K. Verbeek

Organisers: R. Broer, G. Groenenboom, R.W.A. Havenith
More info:
or email to r.w.a.havenith(at)
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