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Date: Fri Oct 28 11:33:06 2011
Subject: 12.01.09 MolSim-2012: School on Molecular Simulation (Amsterdam, NL)
Applications are invited for the winterschool 


The school will be two weeks, January 9-20, 2012, and is organized by the 
Amsterdam Center for Multiscale Modeling at the University of Amsterdam (NL).

For full information and application see
The registration closes on November 26, 2011.

Daan Frenkel        Cambridge Univeristy and University of Amsterdam
Evert Jan Meijer    University of Amsterdam
Bernd Ensing        University of Amsterdam

We would appreciate if you could bring the school to the attention 
of colleage researchers to whom it is of potential interest.

                   ANNOUNCEMENT MOLSIM 2012
                     January 9-20, 2012
             ACMM, University of Amsterdam (NL) 

The MolSim2012 school targets PhD and postdoc researchers and aims to
give an introduction to the basic molecular simulation techniques:
molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo. The idea is to give an
understanding of principles underlying these techniques and to use
this understanding to optimize a simulation code.  The more advanced
topics include molecular simulations in the various ensembles (NVE,
NVT, NPT, grand canonical, etc), free energy computations, phase
equilibria, rare events, configurational-bias Monte Carlo.  The
morning sessions are lectures introducing the methods and in the
afternoons there is a hands-on exercise session where these methods are
applied.  The course does not assume any previous knowledge in
molecular simulations. However, elementary knowledge in thermodynamics
and statistical thermodynamics is required.

Lecturers include Daan Frenkel, Berend Smit, Peter Bolhuis, Bernd Ensing,
and Evert Jan  Meijer.

Course Material (will be provided by the school):
"Understanding Molecular Simulations" by Frenkel and Smit (Academic Press, 2002).
Lab-Course book.

The participation fee is 700 Euro.

The school will be supported by CECAM.

A view of the most recent editions of the school (MolSim2008 - MolSim2011) can be found at

For more information and registration visit the CECAM website:

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