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Date: Tue Feb 7 14:13:41 2012
Subject: 12.09.10 5th conference Modeling & Design of Molecular Materials (MDMM), September 10-14, 2012, Wroclaw, Poland
We are pleased to inform that the fifth edition of the international 
will be held in Wroclaw (Poland) from September 10-th till 14-th, 2012.

MDMM  is a biannual conference devoted to presenting contemporary 
computational methods along with their applications in molecular modeling 
and molecular material design and related fields. 
Participation of experimentalists interested in application molecular 
modeling techniques is  encouraged. Planned sessions include:
    *         advances in computational methods
    *         rational drug design
    *         modeling chemical reaction mechanisms
    *         catalyst and biocatalyst design
    *         modeling materials for molecular electronics
    *         modeling biomolecules
    *         modeling molecular materials for nanotechnology
    *         workshop session devoted to grid and advanced computing techniques

    Refereed conference proceedings will be published in the Journal of Molecular 
Modeling (indexed by ISI) as it was the case with all  previous  MDMM meetings

Early bird registration and payment deadline - March 31-th, 2012
Abstract  submission deadline                - June 30-th,    2012
More details about V-th MDMM  and previous meetings are posted on the website 
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